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About Citimax

Citimax refrigerating unit is designed to deliver vegetable, fruit, and frozen foods within the city. It provides precise temperature control to maintain the quality of all the products that are being delivered to customers. Furthermore, Citimax can be used to fit on the boxes up to 58m3. Along with our strategic service point, reliable service, and on-time service, Citimax refrigeration unit can be your best solution for your refrigeration need.

Available models
Citimax 500, Citimax 700

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Strategic service point

Providing high quality of service and convenient service to our customers has been our number one priority.

Reliable service

Our team of well-trained engineers will ensure customers get the highest quality of installation and maintenance service.

On-time services

Our well-trained engineers will work hard around the clock to ensure that your trucks or trailer will be ready for work.